Defining Sports + Sports Marketing Agency is a full-service sports marketing agency with experience and expertise in the athlete management, marketing, community relations and communications services. Defining Sports represents some of the biggest stars in all of professional sports. Including some gifted WNBA, NBA, MLB and NFL athletes, coaches and legends. For nearly 20 years, we’ve assisted them with their transition from Heroes in Sports to becoming, Legends In Life.

Defining Sports + Sports Marketing Agency

“We don’t just market and manage pro athletes. We encourage them to live up to our slogan: ‘Heroes in Sports, Legends in Life.’ It’s a great accomplishment to lead the league in scoring, rushing, tackles, blocked shots and rebounds. It’s a great feeling to hoist a trophy above your head, but there is no feeling like using your platform to change someone else’s life...” - DJ Fisher, Founder of Defining Sports


  • Destin, FL, USA